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Black Night (Black Wings, #2)

Black Night (Black Wings, #2) - Christina Henry Well, at least Maddie realizes that she's surviving against all odds. The magical threats of Maddie's life are difficult to take seriously, as they're all deadly, all powerful, and undefeated for eons, but Maddie always manages to triumph through happenstance and innate magic. Political threats are the only things that can stymie Maddie, and it was fun to see her behind to hold her own (through a process more involved than chance). By book's end, I was heartily sick of knowledgeable people giving Maddie advice, her doing the exact opposite but surviving anyway, but at the same time, Maddie was starting to sound a bit more savvy and adult. Book three looks like it will be a lot of fun, my fingers are crossed that the entourage will either stop giving, or Maddie will start taking, advice.

Full review at All Things Urban Fantasy.

Sexual content: Kissing,an attempted rape, oblique reference to rape.