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Burn Mark - Laura Powell The world building of BURN MARK alone is enough of a reason to grab a copy of this book. Gritty British streets, politics and fear, and two teenagers that bracket the social scale from crime syndicate to government power brokers. Powell depicts methods of magic working and witch discovery, though I wished that the pacing had been a bit more rapid.

BURN MARK reminds me most of a meticulous mystery, Glory and Lucas are each built up in intertwining narratives that eventually colide. Their introductions were very well done, and their individual interactions were flawless, yet I still found myself glossing over some of the detailed capers that preceded each piece of new information. For readers who enjoy the methodical build up of a procedural, BURN MARK will be right in their wheelhouse. On my part, I enjoyed enough of the process that I didn't mind it, but my true focus was on Glory, Lucas, and their underlying world. Though I wish Powell had given us a better sense of her character's future, their present was nuanced and interesting. Both of these teens are questioning the expectations of their peers and family. Glory in particular has surprised me with the breadth of her options. Everything from staging a coup to joining WICA to marrying into a criminal dynasty is on the table, and figuring out which way she was leaning was the mystery that most intrigued me in this book.

BURN MARK is a noir procedural that teems with intricate mythology, a well drawn world, and interesting characters. Despite the amount of focus placed on the politics and intrigue of Glory and Lucas's mission, the most gripping mysteries revolve around these characters' places in this challenging society. Though I would have liked a faster pace to compliment all this delicious intrigue and characterization, BURN MARK is a great read for those who don't mind slowing down and focusing on the details.

Full review to follow.

Sexual Content: None.