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Tempest's Fury  - Nicole Peeler Bubbly, witty, and libido cranked to eleven, Jane True is the perfect hero. TEMPEST'S FURY is my favorite book of the series, shadowing Jane as she starts a new relationship and saves the world... more or less in that order.

While many urban fantasy heroines find themselves in the position of being heroes, Jane is the first one I've read who has time to anticipate this role being thrust upon her. From axe lessons to rallying the troops, I enjoyed how Jane shoulders this burden. Even better, though the Red and White promise carnage on a global scale, I found dragons spewing fire and eating people easier to read than some of the more creeptacular villains from prior Jane True books. I enjoyed the build up to the big battle oh so much more when the bad guys weren't so over the top evil that I wanted to reach in the pages and throttle them myself. TEMPEST'S FURY's mix of political factions, petty power mongering, and murderous war lords made for a satisfying build up of tension, all the while balanced by Jane's developing relationship. I missed reading book 4 of this series, but had no trouble picking up where she left off with Anyan. As much as I enjoyed Jane's "hero bootcamp", I also enjoyed watching her and Anyan date in a warzone. Peeler's pacing of their stolen moments was very well done, neither artificially drawn out nor rushed.

As Anyan was the only character I knew from prior books (having missed Blondie's debut), his relationship with Jane was also the only one I trusted. This decreased the effectiveness of supporting characters, but my fascination with Anyan more than carried the day. And of course, this series doesn't end with TEMPEST'S FURY. The battle against evil will continue in book 6, and Peeler has added a personal twist that will make this battle one of Jane's most difficult. I for one can't wait.

Full review to follow.

Sexual Content: Sex scenes.