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Double Time - Olivia Cunning This is weird on multiple levels. I'm not sure why this was published out of order, but even if it had been published in chronological order, the major players in this story besides Trey were little more than caricatures. I wanted to love Reagan, but her badass, rock chick persona was completely at odds with her weird, idiotic dynamic with Ethan. He's gay. No really, we used to have a ton of sex, he's told me he's bi, but I saw him having sex with a guy once and now I treat him like a sexless Ken doll gay friend. The only plausible reason for Ethan to put up with this is a desire to win Reagan back, which is completely at odds with his aggressive moves on Trey (thus recreating the same behavior that broke Reagan and Ethan up in the first place). Cunning bends over backwards to create some plausible sexual constellation for a sustained menage, but in doing so sacrifices any depth or believability in her characters. Everyone is mechanical and predictable, and utterly un-Cunning.