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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton WALLBANGER was a pleasant surprise. I ignored the first five or six rave reviews, mainly because it takes more than a few popular gimmicks to get my Kindle dollars these days. Unless the plot happened to be *just my favorite* trope ever, I've been leary about buying some of the romances that show up on blog after blog after blog (BEYOND SHAME was another pleasant surpise this week. Even though I still don't care about the whole BDSM/group sex deal, the world and side characters were cool. I'm holding out on REAPER'S PROPERTY, though, as neither bikers (despite enjoying part of MOTORCYCLE MAN) or giant cocks (usually good for a huge eye roll) are instant sells for me).

Anyway, WALLBANGER. Not as silly as I had assumed, and I actually enjoyed the text conversations between all parties involved. The heroine's recalcitrant O got a little old, but it was essentially a device to emphasize that their romance was more than sex, so I applaud the thought.