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Cursed - S.J. Harper S. J. Harper's CURSED does a great job with both it's procedural and supernatural elements. Emma Monroe is believable as both an FBI agent with a crusade, and as a mystical creature hiding her identity.

It's a tricky business placing an immortal character in the modern world, and incarnations of Greek dieties have been especially problematic in the past. That makes it all the more satisfying to read a book that gives gravitas and reasonable boundaries to the issue. I loved how Emma's curse shapes her profession, it proscribes her love life, and it constrains where and when she can unleash her Siren's magic. CURSED is very well set up and executed, though I would have liked less drama in the romance department and more magical and criminal focus. Initially, Emma's honest and practical approach to her situation was refreshing. However, as her control slips and her choices become more and more emotional, I became less invested in what was clearly going to become a protracted "Will she/ Won't she" situation. Emma can't control when the goddess releases her from her curse, which makes me that much less interested in an integral part of the romance dynamic in this series.

Full review to follow.

Sexual Content: Sex scenes.