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Resenting the Hero - Moira J. Moore I enjoyed this book on a couple of levels. Moore does a wonderful job with the two main characters, creating believable personality conflicts and bringing both of them around to the reveal without undue angst or artificial situations. I look forward to reading more about Taro and Lee's developing partnership in future books.

The world building in RESENTING THE HERO was also well done. I enjoyed figuring out the relative roles of Shields and Sources, as well as trying to understand how the mold might be broken. The Triple S organization was interesting in it's own right, as I tried to understand what parts of the organization were based on good practice, and what parts were simply tradition hanging on past usefulness.

Moore doesn't wrap everything up wtih a bow at the end, rather, she resolves some conflict while setting the stage for the over all arc of the series. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.