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Tracking the Tempest (Jane True) - Nicole Peeler The more I read this series, the more impressed I am. Underneath the giggles and the libido, Nicole Peeler has a rock solid respect for her characters' humanity and foibles. Don't be too distracted by the magical politicking, this book at its heart is a smart, razor sharp look at the power in relationships, both romantic and otherwise.

In particular, I loved Jane's reactions to Conleth, the damaged, pitiable halfling on a rampage through Boston. Jane has a full palette of responses (everything from, "That poor boy!" to "Ew, don't touch me"), and I applauded as she parsed these responses to come to some painful, but inevitable conclusions.

I was also very happy with the movement in her relationship with "Ryu T. Toodles" (fabulous!) and the ever enigmatic Anyan. These positive developments were enough to get me through the parts where I hated the villains in this book so badly that I wanted to hurl my eReader across the room. Reprehensible, irredeemable, bastards, all of them.

Can't wait to start the next in the series, Peeler has definitely built up my expectations and excitement.