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Ecstasy in Darkness - Gena Showalter Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy:

Reading ECSTASY IN DARKNESS was a pleasure, as once again my expectations for a book were were totally blown out of the water. Despite Gena Showalter being a household name in Paranormal Romance, after a negative experience with one of her long ago books (something about a statue, and maybe a genie?), I thought she wasn’t for me. ECSTASY IN DARKNESS proved me wrong within the first 10 pages. I know the exact page number, as I had to stop reading, log on to Goodreads, and post my page number just so I could include one of the many hysterical quotes I had already read (“He had pale skin and a face that proved God has an A game,” just in case you were wondering).

Perhaps exacerbated by the acknowledgements including a shout out to Kresley Cole, as I was reading ECSTASY IN DARKNESS I couldn’t help but be reminded of DEMON FROM THE DARK (in a very good way). So many of the things I was enjoying were in common: funny dialogue, over the top characters, and action packed pacing. From the moment of Ava and McKell’s first meeting, I was hooked by their witty banter and almost slap-stick fighting. Ava and Noelle’s novel method of taking down McKell had me laughing out loud, and his continued reactions and ruminations on that scene had me giggling throughout the rest of the book.

In addition to all the humor, Showalter does a great job managing the developing attraction between Ava and McKell. Both characters broke the mold for romance heroes and heroines, from Ava’s refusal to call “dibs” on McKell when they first met, to McKell wondering about meeting someone prettier, wittier, or “better” than Ava down the line. I enjoyed having the familiar paranormal soul-mate experience leavened with these natural thoughts and fears, it made the development of the romance all the more compelling.

One thing that ECSTASY IN DARKNESS did even better than DEMON FROM THE DARK was set up additional characters and relationships that I am eager to read more about. In addition to wanting to read the prior books in the Alien Huntress series, I can’t wait to pick up any book that will resolve Noelle, Dallas, and Hector’s future.

Sexual Content: Brief girl-on-girl action, explicit sex scenes.