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Magic at the Gate - Devon Monk This book felt more like a placeholder than anything else. My least favorite part of the series is Allie's on-going Daddy issues, and boy-howdy do you get a lot of that in MAGIC AT THE GATE. I enjoyed the interactions with Shame, Stone, and Allie taking care of un-responsive Zayvion, but I hated the endless back and forth bickering between Allie and her Dad. For every hint of interesting backstory, there was three times as much anger and borderline TSTL, give-no-quarter pettiness on Allie's part. Yeah, I get it, you hate having your Dad in there, and legitimately, it's a huge violation. Perhaps you should focus on wresting control from him and exorcising him from your body some time *other* than when you're in the land of Death or in a fight with a magical being that's kicking your ass. Just saying.

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