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Downpour - Kat Richardson It's a pleasure to return to the foggy environs of Forks, though in this instance the magic and mythology is much denser than anything Bella had to face. Harper Blaine has come a long way from her paranormal origins in GREYWALKER, and I must say I greatly enjoyed the meld of her practical, investigatory skills with the mysteries and concerns of the Grey.

Two parts mystery and one part ghost story, it is as much her P.I. chops as her magical abilities that makes Harper a force to be reckoned with. Despite missing out on books two through five, I had no problem whatsoever catching up with the action in DOWNPOUR, if only because logical explanation is a built in part of Haper's narrative. As capable a pair as Quentin and Harper present, there were times when their intuitive leaps stretched my credulity, but never to the point of breaking. The mix of small town politics, various magical disciplines, and ancestral power comes together in a masterful way, with Harper swinging a baton and setting the pace.

As much as I admired the technical proficiency of this mystery, I have to confess that I'm still a sucker for sidekicks and romance. Chaos, with her "weasel war-dance", and Quentin's quiet devotion are the highlights of this book for me, and I appreciated that there is little pagetime wen one or the other is not present. Curling up with DOWNPOUR reminded me of nothing so much as the mystery books of my college years, and I enjoy the way Richardson has given this classic format a new, paranormal twist. Fans looking for the non-stop action of a more common Urban Fantasy may be disappointed, but for those who enjoy a little leg work and gumshoeing with their magic, this is the book for you.

Full review to follow.

Sexual Content: A sex scene and references to sex.