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Aftermath - Ann Aguirre The Sirantha Jax series feels like it's changed so much from those first, frenetic, action-packed books, but I know that's not wholly accurate . Jax's world is as messy and political and fraught with peril as ever, but my relationship with the characters has deepened to the point where they are almost all I see anymore. The friendship between Vel and Jax grows more and more beautiful by the day, and Jax's love life is continually running afoul of her and March's greater responsibilities.

It is those responsibilities, in part, that accounts for most of their separation in AFTERMATH. Nothing brings home the inexorable movement of life than March searching for his nephew during Jax's trial, and it turns out that this is just the first of many necessary separations. AFTERMATH, more than any other book in the series, is an epistolary novel. Not in the sense that current events are shown only through letters, but the characters that I've grown to love so much pour their hearts out to each other through the emptiness of space in letters and stories and memories. Jax achieves an impressive amount of redeption in AFTERMATH, as well as continuing to round out the rough edges of her maturity.

Maturity feels like too light a word for the transformation Jax has been going through over the last few books. Perhaps Vel has given me a chitinous frame of mind, but I can see Jax breaking free from brightly colored chrysalis after chrysalis. Starting AFTERMATH I never could have guessed where Ann Aguirre was taking this series, and upon finishing it, I can't wait to see where she'll take us next.

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Sexual Content: References to sex, and sex scenes.