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Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout I had a bad feeling for the first few chapters of HALF-BLOOD, but never have I been so glad that I kept reading. The opening of this story felt like a recipe for drama and disaster: forbidden love, bad attitude, mean-girl nemesis, and evil step-father. Alex looked like she was in for a bumpy ride, and the deck really was stacked against her, but by book's end I had tears in my eyes and couldn't wait to get my hands on Covenant book two, PURE.

My change of heart is definitely due to Alex. In the beginning, she was is a painfully mouthy girl, with no self-control and and catty dialog. After she ignores the advice of her sexy teacher for the second time, I resigned myself to an entire book filled of bad decisions and eye-rolling behavior. I can't express how surprised I was when Alex started growing. The world of the Hematoi never gets any kinder (the treatment of half-bloods is beyond "second class citizenship"), and destiny definitely has it in for Alex, but as she begins to mature I found myself rooting for her. From the outset it seemed inevitable that Alex would be the instrument that could win justice for half-bloods, but her initial behavior had expecting nothing more than a pawn of destiny that is moved by powers beyond her comprehension (which would fit with the "lack of self-control" issue quite nicely). Alex quickly turned my head, however, as she takes the reigns of her own destiny. Armentrout gives Alex many obstacles to overcome, but it is apparent that she's also willing to give Alex the personal resources to succeed under her own agency.

The first trials that Alex faces and overcomes were both emotional and significant, but there's definitely storms ahead for her in book two. Both her magical legacy and the ruling class will complicate her love life, and battlefield between Hematoi and daimons has become more dangerous than ever. The romantic elements of HALF-BLOOD are pretty advanced for YA, and it's apparent that things are only bound to get more steamy in book two. Even knowing the difficulties Alex will face, I can't wait to pick up book two and see what more she can accomplish, and how much more she will grow.

Full review to follow.

Sexual Content: Kissing, references to sex and oral sex. Scenes that allude to sexual activity.