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Visions of Skyfire - Regan Hastings It is no rare thing for paranormal romance heroines to learn about magic, secret worlds, and their own abilities under the guidance of their heartthrob hero, and the mythology between witches and their Eternal soul mates plays into this trope. VISIONS OF SKYFIRE, however, adds a new and fantastic twist, when the Eternal Rune finds his witch Teresa has spent her whole life studying magic, learning lore, and preparing herself for the Mating that will bind her and her Eternal together forever. This flip means that the bulk of the story, rather than retreading the lore already explored in VISIONS OF MAGIC, is able to focus on Rune and Teresa as individuals.

And these individuals have a lot of issues to explore. United in purpose, the elephant in the room is their inability to trust each other after lifetimes of betrayal. Teresa is scarred by an abusive ex-boyfriend, and Rune by the actions of Teresa's own previous incarnations. Hastings doesn't use the soul bond between witch and Eternal as an escape hatch, nor does she torment us with characters who with hold information from each other. Though Mating preceded trust, I was very impressed and engaged watching these two struggle to grow closer together in realistic and mature ways.

The tenor of Terese and Rune's relationship resonated with me much more strongly than Shea and Torin from VISIONS OF MAGIC. If you enjoyed the mythology and passion of the previous book, but couldn't buy into the characters, VISIONS OF SKYFIRE manages to fill that gap. As for the plot, certain details were a bit over the top (like Dr. Fender's former profession and Chico the gallant bird), to the point of being distracting. The romance component was enough to carry me through, but it would be nice if the villains were as nuanced and interesting as the rest of the characters.

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Sexual Content: Sex scenes, an attempted rape.