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Left Hand Magic - Nancy A. Collins As sweet as a Roman holiday with a paranormal bent, LEFT-HAND MAGIC delivers two charming, sheltered scions with the gumption and potential to live up to their ideals. Both Hexe and Tate are a bit more starry eyed than I can claim, but I found them both relatable and loveable in this as they stand up against injustice, their parents, and the expectations of the world at large.

Though the mechanics of a magical New York neighborhood that *hadn't* been invaded by hipsters seemed a bit shaky, I found the inhabitants of Golgotham fascinating. With a zest that reminded me of reading my first Harry Potter, I found the fanny-pack wearing centaurs and love lorn maenads irresistible. Even Tate and Hexe were their own brands of exotic creatures, young and idealistic and the products of a wealthy upbringing.

Though this was my first taste of Golgotham, I had no trouble falling I to the story. I think skipping book one made me roll my eyes a bit when Tate and Hexe were declaring their devotion (c'mmon, you just moved in with this guy after a few weeks, we're really using the 'L' word?), but ultimately that just left me curious enough to want to head back to book one and read for myself where the magic began.

Sexual content: references to sex.