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Working Stiff - Rachel Caine This book surprised me from page one, Bryn's careful, quiet personality is so winning and fierce I was captivated. I love that she has a life and a job history prior to working at the funeral home, it made her all the more human and interesting. As much as I was interested in Bryn as an individual, the world in which she moved was captivating. So many familiar themes of immortality, loss and vulnerability were woven into this most delicate balancing act of rebirth. This book felt so much more like vampirism from a foot-soldier's perspective than a zombie story, Bryn's continued existence relies on an organization that is rotten to it's core. Anyone who has ever wondered if they could survive the collapse of society without prescriptions will relate to this book, Bryn has a daily death sentence hovering over her... and yet, even as she lives, she's caught in the perfect stasis that is immortality. No going forward and fear of falling back into darkness.

Bryn and her world were so interesting to me, it was easy for the friendships and love interest to get lost in the shuffle. They were there, they were sweet and sexy and dangerous by turns, but I was more fascinated watching Bryn adapt to the changes in her life than anything else. As I put down this first book, I'm still emotionally invested enough to worry about these characters even when they're "out of the room," I can't wait to pick up book two.

Full review to follow.

Sexual content: Kissing; references to sex, necrophilia, and sexual assault.