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Raven Flight: A Shadowfell novel - Juliet Marillier While my initial impression of the Shadowfell series was anticipation, the advent of a rousing adventure in a new and interesting fantasy world, my excitement has dwindled and fizzled under the slow plodding of RAVEN FLIGHT.
With Neryn living on the road, the book itself feels like a long, tunneled journey. The field of vision is confined to the road ahead and the potential for violence behind every bush. While I normally don't like too much politics in my fantasy, this series could use a more nuanced villain. The oppressive weight of the crown's control over every village, every chief, juxtaposed by certain, cruel death leaves very little to be interested in the interim. Until Neryn can defeat the king, he's not particularly interesting facet of the story. With the young lovers separated, their romance doesn't add anything to the plot. And with Neryn doggedly pursuing each of four Guardians, they felt as exciting as check marks on a To-Do list.

Though I forgave many of the pacing difficulties of SHADOWFELL for sheer excitement, my enthusiasm wasn't enough to carry me through RAVEN FLIGHT. While SHADOWFELL felt like "a long slow build up", RAVEN FLIGHT was more like the plateau at the top of a hill. Breathless, gasping, hanging in the air, the story seemed mired in the knowledge that this was just the middle of the series, the pause before the climax where anything good could happen. I'd like to say I'm still excited for book three, but Shadowfell feels like it has lost any and all momentum.

Full review to follow.

Sexual Content: Kissing, references to sex, attempted rape.