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Transcendence - C.J. Omololu Fans of both historical fantasy and vampires will love TRANSCENDENCE, despite the fact that neither are between it's pages. With just the right mix of mythology, adolescent love, and adventure, Omololu's story was both thought provoking and entertaining. While I would have liked a climax that relied a little less on bad decisions on the main character's part, that was more than balanced by the wry wit and well written development Cole had displayed earlier. I definitely fell for our hero, from his noble reason for avoiding a romance with Cole to the very sexy potential of his powers, TRANSCENDENCE worked for me on as both a romance and a paranormal YA level.

I really enjoy when an author acknowledges how immortality would change a character's behavior, and the past lives of the Akhet is one of the most intricate situations I've ever seen a book address. While vampires may live through many generations and take on multiple identities, that is nothing compared to an Akhet being born into different lives, relationships, and genders. Even better, Omololu doesn't use past lives as an excuse to make Cole and Griffon's romance a foregone conclusion. Rather than being soul mates, past experience cause unique challenges to their present day romance. Though the dramatic climax was my least favorite part of the story (and I saw "the big reveal" coming from a mile away), I did appreciate the details Omololu built into the conclusion. Whether the origin of Cole's necklace is meant to plant the seed for another book, or just support the complexity of living with knowledge of past lives, I'm a satisfied reader either way.

TRANSCENDENCE is one of the best examples of a contemporary paranormal YA that I've read in a long time, both for the intricate magic and well written romance. Despite my issues with some of the plot elements, I'm hopeful to read more about Cole or the world of the Akhet. Regardless, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more books from Omololu, in whatever incarnation they appear.

Sexual Content: Make out scenes, references to sex.