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This Case Is Gonna Kill Me - Phillipa Bornikova It is clear that THIS CASE IS GONNA KILL ME is just the beginning for Linnet Ellery. A quirky mix of privilege and deprivation, I had a hard time bonding with her as more than just the narrator describing a great world. Still, Linnet is the sort of person who listens to that inner voice that tells to do the right thing (even when that means going head to head with a murderous werewolf with nothing more than hairspray), and I like her enough to want to read more.

Linnet's point of view makes for a unique reading experience. Her pedantic descriptions of how things work would have turned me off if it weren't so intriguing to try and figure out what was going on beneath the surface. As a vampire fosterling, the way Linnet sees the world is definitely not the whole story. It's clear that she has the potential to shake things up, and I'm looking forward to reading more about Vampires, Hunters, and the Linnet's mysterious luck.

While the plot and world building were top notch, they definitely outperformed the heroine for me. Despite some great external dialogue, Linnet's point of view remains pretty stiff and flat throughout. For every scene where I warmed up to her, there would be a digression that took me back to square one. Her relationships, both good and bad, don't really click for me. I'm not sure if it was intentional to keep her and her prospective hero a little out of step, but that detracted from my interest in their future.

THIS CASE IS GONNA KILL ME establishes a very interesting open world where male-only vampires and werewolves live among us. Blending a little bit of old man crotchetiness into the characterization really worked for me, and I'm very excited to learn more about their secrets. While Linnet can be funny and admirable, she didn't quite come together as a character for me, but I certainly liked her well enough to want to read more.

Full review to follow.

Sexual Content: Sex scenes.