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Undead to the World: The Bloodhound Files - DD Barant This series contains so many elements in common with Supernatural, Eureka, or any number of fun, TV shows willing to stretch the laws of physics for the sake of a great story.

Each book pushes the boundaries outward a little bit more, with one bending plots that have me questioning "reality" alongside the characters. UNDEAD TO THE WORLD is a prime example, opening to a recognizable world that is oh so askew from where I had expected to find Jace. UNDEAD TO THE WORLD starts outside the series arc and wends its way back to the central world of Thropilem. Much of a reader's ability to try and unravel this puzzle hinges on recognizing hints of familiar characters in their new incarnations, so I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who isn't caught up on the series.

In familiar Jace fashion, UNDEAD TO THE WORLD runs a convoluted plot on a steady diet of witty repartee. I'll follow Jace and Charlie anywhere, and my favorite parts of this story were when they were simultaneously figuring things out and bantering back and forth. The overall plot, while interesting, was so over the top I felt a bit disconnected. Despite all the moving parts and magical mechanics to keep track of, UNDEAD TO THE WORLD isn't quite as confusing as past books (but its still pretty out there).

Full review to follow.

Sexual Content: kissing, references to sex.