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Guardians of Stone - Anita Clenney A kickbutt premise stumbling over the execution, anyone who picks up GUARDIAN OF STONE for adventure, mystery, and cinematic action will not be disappointed. While I was never quite swept away, I will certainly remember the mythology and ruins of this particular Italian adventure.

My biggest issue with GUARDIANS OF STONE was the writing style. Clenney gives us the story from both Jake and Kendall's perspective, but their inner thoughts and back and forth banter supplants almost all other description. The dialog wasn't funny enough for me to enjoy for it's own sake and as a narrative tool didn't work for me. The parts of the story told from Nathan's point of view had a more isolated, descriptive flavor, but that wasn't enough to immerse me in the story (or get me attached to him).

I love witty banter, especially between an oil and water romantic pair, but Kendall and Jake's conversations with each other, hoteliers, and tourists diluted the quips and weren't an effective way to carry the entire story. Just as haunted castles and catacombs and booby traps appeared, the point of view switched to Nathan. The switched jarred me a bit, but by this point in the story the mystery and action were enough to cut the chatter and make me feel more immersed.