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Long Live the Queen (2008 Revision) - Ellen Emerson White Such a visceral and compelling account, both in the violence and pain of the kidnapping and the aftershocks and depression of recovery. White writes phenomenal dialogue and her characters, both heroes and villains, are well written and convincing. Meg's struggles with PTSD are all the more believable since the events of the kidnapping are vividly portrayed. While this book does contain significant violence and sexual threat, the triumphs of this character are the real focus of LONG LIVE THE QUEEN. I've read both the original and the "updated" version, I'm not sure it was necessary to revise the pop culture and technology references.

2/6/2012 - Chatting with a coworker about books we read over and over again, of course this series came up. Imagine my surprise when she immediately recognized my description (and her surprise when I was able to tell her White had written a new Meg book since our high school years). Of course, that excitement sent me back for a re-read. I know it's wish fulfillment in the most basic sense, Meg is as strong and capable as I could ever hope to be, but I still love this book.

3/3/2013 - I gave this book to my niece for Christmas and just got around to giving her my pitch for why she should read it. I don't know if I convinced her (I'm of the mind that it's better to make the book available and let someone fall into rather than build up a big sell and force them in), but just seeing LONG LIVE THE QUEEN on the shelf planted the seed. I found myself plucking my copy off the shelf and settling into a chair to enjoy. Love this book. I'm happy to find more and more of the series is available on eBook, reading LONG MAY SHE REIGN on my phone as I type this. There is something different about having eBook access to a book I've formerly only enjoyed in the quiet of my home. I'm happy to have as many White books in as many forms as I can... but part of me wishes I were curled up in my living room reading right now.