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Dragon Bound - Thea Harrison While Dragos may be too alpha for some, I was a big fan of this eons old dragon turned "boyfriend". Interesting mythology, snappy dialogue, and smoking chemistry, I couldn't put this book down until I was done.

Full review at All Things Urban Fantasy.

Sexual Content: Several sex scenes.

Read #2 (8/4/11) - Upon re-read, I enjoyed this story as much (if not more) than the first time. The dialog between Dragos and Pia snaps back and forth, and it's even more entertaining when you're aware of Pia's heritage from page one. Dragos is a wicked old dragon, but Pia's vulnerability is much more her Wyr nature than an age disconnect, and I enjoyed watching the ultimate predator and ultimate herbivore dance with each other. Harrison does a fantastic job writing Dragos, her paragraph describing his birth with the Big Bang and the early days of sailing on solar flares is one of my favorites. True to type, he is the ultimate adapter, and I share Pia's weakness for his crafty, charming ways.

Read #3 (2/28/2012): Reading ORACLE'S MOON and Thea's interview questions about book #5 had me hankering for a taste of Pia and Dragos. This re-read was illadvised, however, as my anticipation for more of these fantastic characters (and Peanut) is now at a fever pitch. There is no way I'll be able to wait long for another Pia and Dragos book. Write like the wind, Thea, the wind!

Read #4 (4/1/2013): Finishing Harrison's new Paranormal Thriller, RISING DARKNESS, sent me back to my shelf for the funnier, more fantastical DRAGON BOUND. I love Dragos's every "calculating" look, his wicked soul, and beautiful give and take between him and Pia. The ultiamte predator with the ultimate pacifist, just lovely.