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Quicksilver - R.J. Anderson R. J. Anderson has a gift for submerging a narrative into her heroines' skins. Trough insanity, through synesthesia, through alien though processes and motivations. I enjoyed ULTRAVIOLET with reservations, Alison's point of view was interesting but not compelling. I fell in love with QUICKSILVER, however, Tori's abilities and limitations were mesmerizing. Anderson does a beautiful job offering her character opportunities for growth and room to surprise without ever violating the central identity.

It was just that identity that made me fall in love with Tori. She's smart, capable, and undeniably alien. After ULTRAVIOLET, I had high expectations for an atypical romance. Tori's love life was not only unique. It was beautifully fitted to this story and her perspective. About as much as I enjoyed the present tense action, the flashbacks to past events would jolt me out of the story. New readers may enjoy this glimpse into Tori's past, but I found I lost a lot of momentum those few times Anderson took me out of the present.

ULTRAVIOLET was 3bats in my estimation, and QUICKSILVER outperformed its predecessor with 4. Though the narrative wasn't flawless, my investment in Anderson's characters more than compensated for the few times my attention wandered. Anderson's consistent ability to immerse me in the heroine's point of view guarantees that I'm excited to come back for more.

Full review to follow.

Sexual content: Kissing.