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Archangel's Legion - Nalini Singh Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series reshapes are world with soaring magic and brutal darkness, and ARCHANGEL'S LEGION certainly spans both those highs and lows. From angels playing catch to human masses watching as supernatural forces decide their fate, Singh has a masterful ability to anchor her magic in our own world. While the main characters didn't necessarily surprise me in this book, flying through the streets of New York alongside angels is as exhilarating as ever.

Elena Devereaux's angelic transformation is one of the best evolutions in urban fantasy, but in ARCHANGEL'S LEGION we see more of Elena's impact on Raphael, both his magic and his domain. While normally I'm a fan of the quiet moments between characters, ARCHANGEL'S LEGION felt like retreading familiar ground for the main characters. Raphael and Elena comfort each other through nightmares, cocky angels hit on Raphael and are sorely disappointed... even Raphael's power, so pivotal to the plot, continues in the same vein as ARCHANGEL'S CONSORT. It is only with the secondary characters that ARCHANGEL'S LEGION breaks new ground. Elena's relationship with her family gets satisfying page time and the next generation of fascinating main characters begins to take shape through young angels, new vampires, and ancient wounds slowly beginning to heal.

Full review to follow.

Sexual Content: Sex scenes.