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In the Blood - Adrian Phoenix While the action is certainly enough to keep me occupied, I'm still having trouble with the character side of these books. With Dante more than anyone else. I'm fine with the tortured hero, I'm fine with the overly dramatic past consuming the present, but Dante has too many characteristics and not enough character. He's a vampire, he's an angel, he's a front man, he's a sex object, he's *designed in a lab to be a sociopath*. More than anything else, I find it so distracting every time a character has to stop and admire how sexy and gorgeous he is. My reaction every time is, "That guy? Really?". Viewing Dante entirely through the reflection of other people's adoration really doesn't carry the character.

I keep waiting for Phoenix to give me a reason to fall in love with Dante, give me a reason to care about all the wheels turning around him. Until I have that reason, the big "will he/ won't he" drama around his godhead isn't emotionally relevant. I get it. There's a comedic amount of weight stacked against Dante. I mean, a truly ridiculous amount. Every time a shadowy government agency comes up with a new plan to attack/ kill/ activate Dante, it seems like over kill. I'd like to believe that Dante's eventual survival will be the product of his personal growth, but at this point I'm expecting to get dragged through multiple books just to have him spontaneously erupt like a magical angel/ vampire super nova while every else nods and says "We knew it all along".