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Beneath the Skin - Adrian Phoenix Despite so much UF trappings, this series spends an enormous amount of time with the shadowy government officials that have either authored Dante's past pain or are planning fresh hell for the future. The story exists in the uncomfortable limbo between "not believable police procedure" and "inexplicable magical abilities". In short, things happen, your emotions will be abused, and there isn't much of a payoff in terms of world building or character growth. A special piece of Dante's torture is how his memories slowly bubble out... which means the painful darkness of child abuse and rape comes back again and again and again...

And I'm done, I've given up on the backlog. I skipped ahead to ON MIDNIGHT's WINGS, which did a great job of bringing me up to speed and even addresses many of the issues mentioned above (less of a focus on secret agent POV's, more action), but as much as I hoped the series was going to give me a satisfactory ending, Phoenix has more angst in store. I'm afraid my stamina is exhausted, however, ON MIDNIGHT WINGS will be the last Maker's Song for me.