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Black and Blue - Gena Showalter I'm about 25% done, and I'm really struggling with this book. I like John and Solo and Blue, I'm invested in their fates, but I don't have much interest in the romance. Blue and Evie have all sorts of misconceptions about each other, but still manage to rub their crotches together on frequent intervals, and I'm not at all curious about what arbitrary chain of events is going to lead Evie to rethink Blue or lead Blue to understand Evie's pain. Furthermore, the "otherworlders" powers seem completely... random. Blue, as the heir to family's powers, which makes it seem like Q designed him in a MI5 basement somewhere. He can sense emotions and shoot out a beam that paralyzes people and burn away impurities and regenerate his skin and... ok, fine. Whatever happens, Blue will handle it. So I don't really need to worry about that, clearly.

in the end, the only thing I'm interested in is John's fate (as book one took care of Solo), and that's not enough to keep me flipping pages.